Wristlet Lanyards

Wristlet Lanyards are approximately 6" long, sewn with a key ring, and are handmade just like the rest of our sewing inventory. They can be made in coordinating fabrics or patterns to match your Clip On Poop Bag Holders, Slide Over Collar Reversable Bandanas, Lanyards or Chapstick Cozy's! 

Specific fabrics (characters, teams, patterns, styles, etc) can be used upon request. As long as we can purchase the fabric, we can make it!

Wristlet Lanyards are $5.00 each.

Sizes may slightly vary, as these are all handmade.

Wristlet Lanyards can be made in a variety of different patterns and / or colors. A few examples are pictured above.

Email us directly at TakeHomeSweets@Gmail.com, Text or Call us at 978 - 457 - 1544, or navigate to the "Contact Us!" Tab with any questions!


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