Meet the Pups

Lenore, Luna & Nova

Lenore and Luna were both adopted in 2021, and Nova was adopted in 2022. All were rescued from our local Shelters here in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Fun Fact - Luna and Nova were adopted from the same Shelter!

Lenore is the Black Lab, Luna is the Flat Coated Retriever, and Nova is the Dachshund Lab Mix.

After years of fostering, volunteering, and closely working with Shelters, we've seen first hand how black dogs get left behind. Unfortunately Black Dog Syndrome, also known as BDS, is a real problem. Black dogs typically stay in the Shelters four times as long as the lighter colored dogs. Why is that? Some people believe it can come down to how photogenic dogs can be, because who doesn't love those adorable Shelter pictures?! Black dogs don't always photograph well. They can often appear blurry or even blue-ish. Another thought is that black dogs stay longer in Shelters due to a fear aggression, as they are often portrayed as the "scary or aggressive dogs" in the movies. That's why our pack consists of only that! Lenore, Luna and Nova bring us so much joy, and we couldn't imagine day to day life without them!

Come meet our newest foster fail, Nova, at our future dog friendly markets and shows!


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